Specialist Equipment Library

ECCC services can access a range of specialist equipment, managed by the IA, to facilitate and support the inclusion of a child or children with disability with ongoing high support needs in the care environment. The need for specialist equipment must be identified in a SIP or be recommended by a relevant professional, such as an occupational therapist or physiotherapist, with knowledge of the child’s biomechanical functional needs.

 Equipment available from the SEL may include (but is not limited to):

  • portable ramps to create access to the care environment
  • standing frames and full support swings to allow a child with high physical needs to participate in the daily programme and activities
  • hoists, slings, harnesses, change tables, toilet sets or steps, potty chairs, mobile stools and seating or posture aids for educators to assist them to lift and transfer children safely when carrying out basic care functions, such as changing or going to the toilet
  •  specialised inclusion toys such as switch toys
  • specialised furniture such as chairs, tables, desk and positioning equipment
  •  communication cards or charts, and Auslan dictionaries to enable the child and educators to communicate effectively.

 It is the responsibility of each ECCC service accessing equipment from the SEL to ensure it is fitted by an appropriate professional, such as an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or in some cases the IA. The person installing the equipment should have knowledge of the child’s biomechanical functioning and needs.

 A service seeking equipment from the SEL must sign a Loan Agreement Form with its IA prior to accessing equipment, which sets out the Terms and Conditions associated with borrowing equipment from the SEL.

The process for accessing equipment from the SEL, including expected timeframes, transportation arrangements, return arrangements and the Terms and Conditions associated with borrowing the equipment, are determined by each IA and may vary across jurisdictions.