Gym for Growth and Development

‘Exercise, movement and music activities promoting healthy growth and development’

A facilitated activity program for children from Birth to 4 years and their parents.


About g4gd

‘Gym for Growth and Development’ (g4gd) has been developed by Early Childhood Australia, NT Branch staff as a universal, supported physical activity program.

G4gd provides active and appropriate movement opportunities that enable children, (babies, toddlers, and preschool aged) to explore, develop and refine the skills that are essential for healthy physical and neurological development.

G4gd uses a combination of brain gym®, positive touch and developmental movements; yoga, reflexology and other perceptual motor based activities. It is designed to directly support well-being, physical and emotional growth and development and to stimulate brain development. Music and singing are integral to the program. The program involves children and adults participating together to enable the adult to gain knowledge and skills about related aspects of healthy growth and development and the importance of connection with their child.

Following each session, a brief outline of the activity purpose and tips on doing the exercises/activities at home is provided. 

Program design is such that each session of 20 to 30 minutes (age group dependent) will stand alone, with the full program content delivered in 6 to 10 weekly activity sessions.

G4gd Facilitators are qualified Early Childhood professionals.

For further information, please call: Maree Bredhauer at Early Childhood Australia, NT Branch on Ph: 08 8986 7142