Inclusion Support Programm

The Inclusion Support Programme (ISP) is a key component of the Australian Government’s Child Care Safety Net and will provide support to ECCC services to build their capacity and capability to include children with additional needs in mainstream services; providing them with an opportunity to learn and develop alongside their typically developing peers.

ISP provides support directly to ECCC services, however families and children with additional needs benefit through improved inclusion and capability for mainstream ECCC services to provide quality inclusive practices and address barriers to include children with additional needs alongside their typically developing peers. 

Support available through the ISP includes:

  • Support from an inclusion professional employed by the Inclusion Agency (IA) to assist services to build their capacity and capability to provide and embed inclusive practice in their delivery of early learning and care programmes. This will occur through the development of a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP), which looks at the current capacity and capability of a service through a strengths based approach.
  • Specialist Equipment to facilitate and support the inclusion of a child or children with additional needs.
  • Funding from the Inclusion Development Fund (IDF) to address a barrier to inclusion that cannot be resolved through support from an Inclusion Agency or the Specialist Equipment Library (SEL).

( Referene: Australian Government Department of Education and Training: Inclusion Support Programme User Guide- 1.1, 8th July 2016)