Four streams of support and Rates and Limits


A.  IDF Subsidy for an additional Educator

B. IDF Subsidy for Immediate/Time-Limited Support

C. IDF Subsidy- Family Day Care Top Up

D. IDF- Innovative Solutions

The allowed range of a single application for IDF Innovative Solutions support is $300-$3,000.

Applications over $3,000 will be referred to the department by the IDF Manager, for approval to consider the application expenditure above the $3,000 limit. The IDF Manager will provide a recommendation to the department to consider expenditure above the $3,000 limit based on the value for money assessment of the proposed application against the criteria outlined in Section F2.3. If the department agrees to the funding over the $3,000 limit for the application, the department will advise the IDF Manager of any additional terms and conditions which are to apply to the approval of the application. This is to take account of potentially higher financial and other risks and could include milestone payments and reporting requirements.

There is no explicit limit on the number of applications a service can make to the IDF Innovative Solutions Support, however the IDF Manger will use discretion when assessing applications and may prioritise support to services that have not yet accessed IDF Innovative Solutions Support over a service that has received previous support.